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  Matty's Heart & Soul Animal Rescue

  M atty's Story 

I started to see Matty's picture posted on the MG Impound Dogs page in late October of 2012. Matty and his "mate", Athena, were in jail for bite quarantine. They were playing and a lady got scratched by either a tooth or a claw, and they could not determine by which dog. The owners knew Athena and Fatty (Matty's actual name from owner, Cheryl changed it because he was no Fatty) were there, but they didn't have the funds to pay for fees and vetting. Athena was rescued first.

From the time I saw Matty's picture, the one where he is sitting on Cheryl's shoes, I knew I needed him. I asked numerous big and small rescues if they would please pull Matty for me. Their answers were all the same, we have a blue Pit Bull you can adopt. No, it had to be Matty! Matty's time was coming near and they scheduled a euthanasia date. I was in tears daily. Finally, though, last minute, the day before he was to be killed, Amber from One of a Kind Pet Rescue said she would pull him for me! I was ecstatic!

I picked Matty up from the impound on January 2nd, 2013. He wasn't perfect, but he was perfect for me...and he didn't become a statistic....he is truly my heart & soul. He brought Cheyenne and I out of a deep depression over losing Teddy, my Chow Chow, to Lymphoma. Matty started my learning journey into rescue. I haven't been in very long, but I have held many roles ( vetting, intake, foster, events and fundraising coordinator to just name a few).  I have fostered about 100 puppies.

I was blind, ignorant of all that was happening prior to Matty. My blinders were lifted, Matty and I, with some friends would like to make a bigger impact. Help more dogs and cats find their second chance at love and life just like Matty did. Wont you help us?

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